My personal goals for 2022

This post is just a brain dump of some things I want to work on for 2022 in both the business and personally.

Business Operations Goals

1. Stonger STF Structure

I want to reinforce the business structure by:

  • Keeping a consistant meeting kadence.
  • Creating department meetings kadence and agendas.
  • Getting better at assigning resposibilities and delegating.

This also included focusing on what the business goals for that week/month/quarter are.

2. Time blocked

Any task that needs to be done needs to be scheduled.

If it’s not on the calendar, it doesn’t exist and will not be completed.

I have a habit of wanting to help, agreeing to get something done – but not thinking where the time will come from to complete that task. Ensuring that something is blocked out in the calendar ensures that the time to do it is accounted for.

This will be done by removing the to-do list and creating a calendar event instead. Items and notes will be added to that calendar event.

3. Logged

Every task must be logged in clickup. We’re quite good at this, but it needs to be reinforced.

4. Delegated

This continues on from point 1. Recognising what needs to be delegated to the team based on the value it creates for the business.

What is my time worth to me? Assigning a dollar value to what I am worth and recognising that the tasks that are being done should be worth that amount, or they should be delegated.

I want to create an exception “2-minute rule” here, where if something will take less than two minutes, just do it straight away.

5. Limit email checking

If you’re looking for a quick fix to your stress, look no further than the email inbox.

Email doesn’t stress me out, but it distracts me from the more important things that need to be done today.

We have a strict 24 hours communication policy at Studio Twofold, where we must get back to an enquiry, email or notification within one business day.

To balance this, the strategy is to check emails twice a day. Once in the morning after I have organised the day’s schedule and set the daily highlight first, then after lunch before the afternoon work hours.

Personal Goals

1. Fitness

Keep moving and exercising every day. The rule here is that I can’t skip more than one day in a row when it comes to exercise.

Either getting up earlier or running after kids bedtime.

2. Daily Highlight

The one thing that we want to get done today.

3. Writing and books

This includes publishing at least once a week.

4. Spanish

Keep up that Spanish learning bro!

Other thoughts

Build an audience?

  • 1000 true fans
  • Show your work
  • An audience – add value to them
  • Email List, blog?

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